Jul 28

5 Must-try Refreshing Drinks With Home-grown Herbs

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Herbal Mocktails

Photo Source: http://haalo.org/

These days, we all look for a good way to refresh ourselves and fresh, home-made drinks are the perfect thing to do so. Especially if we can make something that includes the fruits of our labour in the garden. It’s so pleasing to make something on your own and not buy it, right? It’s also much tastier and much healthier, and it makes you feel a bit like an alchemist, which is cool. We shouldn’t forget the bragging part as well – every self-respected gardener brags with his creations, whether it’s a plant or a drink. It’s just what we do. (more…)

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Jul 21

Welcome to our Redesigned More Fantastic Site

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Fantastic Gardeners Homepage

We are happy to announce that your favourite Fantastic Gardeners site has a new design. Our website now boasts a fresh new look and even more fantastic features that you get to enjoy.

As part of Fantastic Services, the new website design adds more functionality and enhances user experience. You can now easily navigate through the website and find all the information you are looking for in a few clicks. (more…)

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Jul 14

7 Signs That You Are a Happy Fantastic Gardeners Customer

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The most friendly gardeners around London

Is there anything more motivating to do your job better than some positive feedback? When we garden for you, our priority is to not only to provide the best solution, but also make you as happy as possible. So when you, dear customers, praise us in one way or another, we know that we’ll do our best over and over again.


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Jul 7

Grow London 2015

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Grow London

Photo Source: frustratedgardener.com

After its success last year, the GROW London festival returned this year with even more head-spinning exhibits and events. The contemporary gardening show was inspired by high-class European horticultural festivals and allowed more than 100 selected exhibitors to show their works. (more…)

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Jul 2

The Complex Science behind the Lush Green Grass Courts of Wimbledon

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Wimbledon logo

Photo Source: http://worldversus.com/

An inseparable part of British summer time, the Wimbledon Championship is on between 29.06 – 17.07. With more than 450,000 spectators attending each year, and 19 grass courts, it is a massive event, yet it still retains its Victorian atmosphere and image. As spectators gather to drink Pimm’s, eat strawberries and cream, and watch tennis legends face off each other, 250 ballboys and ballgirls prepare to pick up the 50,000 balls which will be used. The spirit of the event is known worldwide, with 300,000,000 TV sets tuning in during the Championship. (more…)

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Jun 30

10 Fascinating Myths and Stories About Our Backyard Plants – Part 2

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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve by Peter Paul Rubens

There is a famous quote by Kurt Vonnegut that says: “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

This becomes difficult as days pass by and we get older. Tons of work, kids and whatnot are stressing us. And we tend to go blind for everything but our problems. Even our homes, that should be our last bastillion of rest and comfort, often look hectic. And we escape to our final sacred space – the garden.

Believe it or not, here we have a hidden world of stories that are old as the world itself. We’ve covered some of the Fascinating Myths and Stories About Our Backyard Plants previously and today we’ve prepared for you Part II. So pour yourself a glass of wine and immerse into the mythical world of plants. (more…)

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Jun 23

What Flower Matches Your Star Sign

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zodiac signs

Flowers have their own special place in our culture. There are different legends and myths about lovely blooms, fairy tales, and even special language of flowers. Enchanting blossoms have found their from the gardens to the field of astrology. Birth flowers offer a blooming perspective of our characters while they match our star signs at the same time. Find out your zodiac bloom bellow and learn why it suits your star sign: (more…)

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Jun 16

10 Fascinating Myths and Stories About Backyard Plants (Part 1)

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The Rebuke of Adam and EveWe all become sentiment and nostalgic when remembering our childhood. Our parents told us bedtime stories which were so engaging that we remember even to this day. Stories are a magical thing. They take us into different, fictional, but nonetheless real worlds. But as we grow older, we seem to forget the charm stories bring. We forget that charm can hide everywhere, even in everyday objects. And we just need to open our minds to see them.

One of the great aspects of gardening are the legends behind certain plants. So, we at Fantastic Gardeners decided to share some of the most fascinating mythical stories about your backyard vegetation. Here is part one: (more…)

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Jun 9

“Cutting Edge” Alternative – The Chelsea Fringe Festival

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Chelsea Fringe 2015

Photo Source: http://www.chelseafringe.com/

The Chelsea Fringe Festival didn’t skip us this year as well. And, of course, as the past editions of the fest – it was one of the greatest gardening events, not only in the UK but worldwide, with over 200 smaller events in its program. As its famous nature implies, being defined as “alternative”, it included everything that was ever related to gardening – music, food, art and whatnot. (more…)

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Jun 2

The Best Tomato Companions to Plant in June

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tomato plant with ripe tomatos

It’s already June and summer is now here. If you’ve gone through the to-do list for this month, you know there’s still time to plant some crops. We suggest you to try companion planting, in particular plants you can grow alongside tomatoes.

We know that you probably grow your own tomatoes, so the next step you can take is to plant companion plants. Here’s our list of greens that go along with the round red fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruits) and you can plant in June. (more…)

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